About Us

Omnia Design & Mfg History

Omnia Design & Mfg. is a family owned and operated company that prides itself on the ability to offer a wide range of services from individual parts to turn-key solutions. From CNC machining, fabrication, 3D printing, protypes, and controls, through fully vertically integrated offerings like turn-key automation solutions, component design/assembly, and add-on equipment for your existing process. Omnia Design & Mfg is prepared to help you with your existing manufacturing needs or bring your concept to life from start to finish.

With decades of manufacturing experience, Omnia Design & Mfg. was founded at a time when we, ourselves, were seeing the effects of labor shortages, increased costs of parts and development, and perhaps most importantly lead times that were putting a strain on day-to-day operations. Working with several vendors, delaying production, and disappointing customers was not a sustainable path.

Omnia began as an investment in equipment, software, training and technology to help support ongoing CNC parts manufacturing, fabrication needs, part design and development, and automation/control solutions. It was clear that this was quickly turning into an opportunity to improve processes, quality, lead times, and ability to be creative in design and implementation. Omnia was officially born knowing that we could help US manufacturers in a variety of markets stay competitive by providing the best service possible, quality in every step of the way, and excellent lead times that companies can count on to keep their operation running efficiently. Omnia aims to take the workload off you and put our expertise to work- whether it be a single part, or complete solution, we’ve got you covered. Omnia also offers emergency turn-around options, and local pick and delivery to help our customers focus on their customers.